Friday, March 31, 2006

Grandma bday Dinner - 25th March

So sorry that i forgot to take picture until the last 4 dishes... really sorry.. suppose to post early this week but something wrong with the upload pic and also i am not feeling well so.. drag until today i only post...

Friday, March 24, 2006

Bread Story

Rabbit Sim told that bread Story is really famous in KL now... So i manage to pop in one b4 i left to Airport... and is true that is really nice... especially the Butter Sugar... i love that... the other also not bad

Hilton Hotel Supper Buffet

We were there with one of my cousin... we went shopping until late night then we decided to have supper buffet in his hotel.. i was so tired and a bit of gastric.. so didn't eat much, just took a bit... and found out is very cheap only RM$35 ... not bad also...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Hot Chocolate From Starbucks

Never miss this when i am overseas.. but KL one is not as good as the one in HK, Taipei and Sg... but No fish got prawn also can la...

Killiney Road Kopitiam

Well, this Killiney Road Kopitiam is from Singapore and i was so surprised that they have it in Mid Valley, KL... I miss it when i was in singapore so i try the one in KL lor... not bad.. very nice also, then boiled egg is the BEST !!!

Chicken and Mushroom Pie From DOME

This is my all time favourite.. althought i was soooo full but i still have to eat this... really nice, Pastry soooooooooooo crispy and chicken and mushroom is creamy and yet not too creamy... perfect..!!!

KL Food

I was in Kl for 5 days and i ate alot of things and those are my favourite... First this is what we called PAN MEE, is a hokkien dish ... i have waited for 45 mins for this cos is Saturday and every min is FULL OF People

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Chinese Tempura

Tempura is one of my favourite but i can't eat them all the time cos is deep fried, my mum is away for holiday so.... hehe, Kitchen is MINE.. i cooked this for dinner.. well, why i said Chinese cos it doesn't look like the one i eat in Japanese Restaurant even i use the Japanese Flour.. but taste not bad also that...