Saturday, July 15, 2006

Present.. Present

Wowww... a big big present from my hubby.... i am so bad that i didn't buy anything so i belanja him to eat empire.. so much cheaper then his present.. I love the present which i want it long long time ago... thanks thanks.... hon..

Our 5th Anniversary

Well, really dont know how to celebrate in Brunei other then eat.. really got nothing to do. Suppose to go Empire Hotel for a night but is Full cos of our Sultan Bday all the VIP are here.
Food was so so only... the sunday Brunch is much much better then this...

Friday, July 14, 2006

Cantonese Baked Chicken Rice

This is the second time i tried.. first time the sauce is not thick enough.. this time.. my sauce is just nice... next time i will try the pork chop...On the first Picture is when i haven't put the cheese, second picture is with cheese after baked... very nice ah... sorry ah.. it looks a bit yucky.. but really taste nice