Friday, May 30, 2008

Anna's new friend

Anna's new friend, Tong Tong and Clint Clint. Tong is so friendly that she keep hugging anna and anna was so shy... both of them really like each other, they both share toys. Clint is funny also but always disturb the girls.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thai Green Curry

My Thai friend teach me how to cook this. She help me to buy all the paste and vegetables from the Thai shop in Bandar, is really easy to cook. Those who interested to cook, call me. I am so sorry that i can't put my recipe here not because i don't want to share, is because i don't know how to explain.... ha ha. 

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anna is BACK !!!

Anna is finally back from Germany, when i see her...i said anna come give me a big hug and she walked towards me and hug me then she said  Aunty Nini.. #$%*&*%$# (all is german that she speak to me) then i said... HUH??? Aunty Nini don't understand then she gave me a big Smile but i am happy that she still remember me. So, from that day she came back i have to learn German because she keep talking german to me like Anna LAUFEN(walk), Anna AUCH(also), Anna HEIM(back home) and many more. So, i also learn when she did something good and i need to say Anna GUT GE MACHT (well done) and i always said KOMM HER (come here). She will take her sweet time to walk towards you, isn't she cute? She is also my model but now she refused to look at the camera, it depend on her mood. 

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Model - Allyssa

She is always my Model, isn't she cute?? So Cute hor...

1st Lesson in Scrapbooking

My First Scrapbooking lesson in Shabby Chic, Thanks Irene for organized it for her member and also have to thanks my cousin who join me. I am really having fun and really enjoyed so much and of course i learn also...

Carrot Cake Recipe from Hk

One of my friend's maid teach me this, she came to brunei for holiday and end up teaching me this dish... the photo doesn't look nice at all. Mum said should put some chili on top but.. this carrot cake is hk style and they dont put topping at all... Althought it doesn't look nice but it taste really GOOD !!! For those who tried before should know... ha ha

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Singapore Laksa

First time to cook Laksa, of course the paste i buy la... i bought the Laksa Paste from SupaSave, Brand of the Laksa Paste is Prima, introduce by Elaine Chok. Yen, you can try is really nice. I am very impressed with the Soup, this is Singapore Laksa and Not Kuching Laksa. I will find one day and try Kuching Laksa. I need to steal the recipe from my Big Aunty.. haha

Thursday, May 01, 2008

GO! Broadband DST - with MAC

I decided to join the DST Broadband, the package i joined come with a Free Laptop and you can choose ACER, DELL or MAC. Of course, i take the Mac Book cos i wish to have a Mac Book for so long. The Broadband speed is so much faster then E-speed, So, thinking to change from E-speed to DST now. So, E-speed u better do something before all your customer run away... hahahaa

LO for Wancy

This is for Wancy, her birthday coming so this LO is for her birthday present. Hope u will like it and Happy Birthday !!