Wednesday, June 22, 2011

170611 Kim Hyung Jun Fan Meeting in Singapore

I want to say a big thank you to Ris who help me to find this ticket and of course i would like to thanks Crazynoona for helping me to secure the ticket as i decided late. I arrival on the same date as the FM, this is my first FM and i was super excited. I met some dongseng and have a nice time chatting with them.

Honestly, i am not good in writing... but the FM is super super good. As usual that our Makne is always so cute and funny!!! Of course, he been very nice to us too... super super worth it for me to fly over to see him!! Hope he can come again next time. If i can come i promise i will.....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Noah

Welcome Baby Noah..... Congrat's to Peter and Ursula for their third baby "Noah". For me, he looks totally like Sara... what u guys think???

Yeu & Maureen ROM

All the best to Yeu & Maureen, wish them all the best!! I am really not good in express my feeling but when they exchange their ring and kiss each other... i really feel so emotional that i wanted to cry but luckily i am one of the photographer so i can use my camera to cover my face.. kkkkk

Bi, now you are married but remember when you need me, i am always here ya... my phone is 24/7 from monday to sunday for you!!! ok. Yeu, please take care of my sister ya. I believe in you!!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!

My Princess (k-drama)

Another nice drama to watch, for those who like romantic series.... this is the one u looking at!!! I really like this couple... they are so sweet ler!!! Highly recommend!! I think Song Seung Hun is soooooooooo ..... sooooooooo 有型!!! Pali Pali... go to download and watch!!

Chinese New Year 2011

This year Chinese New Year, i didn't take a lot of photo... why? Lazy lor!! hehehee.. honestly, feel so old this year... too lazy to carry my camera around. But i have a few of group photo to share. Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

JM "Not Alone"

Credit to: keitawingsmin

Happy new year everyone, I am sorry that i am so late... Hmm.... my 2011 resolution will be Save! Save! Save! With this new year i would like to start a MV from SS501 Jung Min. I really love this song... When i heard this song, i really miss the other members too.. Hoping to see them together again, before that let's enjoy JM's solo song first... really really a nice song!!!