Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I told my father-in-law that i want to bring back some Chu Cheung Fan.. he so nice that he went to market early to help me to buy... then when i bring back.. i fried with Chili Sambal that made by him also... wowoww... i tell u guys, cheung fan other then steam... u can also fried with Chili Sambal.. really really nice... my family just love it !!! Sayang, we only bring back 1 kg cos my baggage overweight already...

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The last Stop Otak Otak and Curry Mee

Before we went to airport we had Homemade otak otak which specially made by my father in law, althought the look is not nice but is really nice... and after the otak otak, we went to have curry mee .... we didn't have the chance to have the curry mee until the last day.. and which we never miss when we went back to Klang...

Chu Cheong Fan

This is for Maureen, she said she took the Chu Cheong Fan in jalan petaling 10 years ago. I also dont know where the shop is.. so when everything i visit hawker stall in KL.. i order this Chu Cheong Fan.. i think of her... so this picture is for her..

Dry Ba Kut Teh @ Klang

I believe alot of people have try the Claypot Ba Kut Teh in Klang but.. have you guys try the Dry Ba Kut Teh? Well, is in klang as well... and this one is near the Klang Parade. Sorry ah.. i dont know how to explaine how they do... just go and try then u will know..

Nyonya Food Stall @ Ikea Damansara

Highly Recomended Nyonya Kuih, the Kuih very nice but nasi lemak so so only, really have to try the Kuih... especially Oneh Oneh, i forgot to took the picture..cos when i finished i only remember i have to take picture and remember to be there before 2pm cos after 2pm everything will finished.

Dragon I @ Cititel Hotel Midvalley

Another Highly Recomended Restaurant, Hmm... dont know how to said la .... Just go and try... is really really nice especially the Siau Lung Pau and the Steam mushroom with chicken.

The Westin Dim Sum @ KL

Highly recomended this restaurant but for Dim Sum Buffet only.... only on saturday and sunday from 11.30am to 3pm Rm$58++ per adult, Presentation is very nice, food is nice.... Service is nice... really can try. And if u have joined the Starwoods Privilege... for sure you have to go.. so much worth it...

The Westin Suites @ KL

This time, we tried the Westin Suites honestly we didn't enjoyed much... a bit regret to stay in a big big room cos is just the 2 of us and the worst thing is... my aunty visit me.. arghhh... so angry about it... but.. westin heavenly bed is still the best!! and the bath room view is excellent unfortunely i can't make use of it.... arghhhhhhh...... XX!!!

StarHill Dim Sam (Lok Yue) @ KL

Pearly introduce us to this StarHill Dim Sum, when i reached there.. i was so surprised to see... is LOK YU, the one i went in HK... they have branch in KL... but food is totally different from Hk cos they don't serve Pork. Honestly, food is quite alot of Ajinamoto... dont really recomended there cos there is a place which is very very nice and cheaper..

Kim Gary In KL

Rabbit Sim said i have to try when i am there, so my first stop is in this Kim Gary Midvalley. They are nice but not as nice as hongkong, Cha Chan Teng but still ok...

Friday, July 06, 2007

Myammar Curry Mee

One of my workers from Myammar cook their curry mee for us to try... is almost the same as our chinese curry mee... except.. they have chillie powder and raw onion... they put more santan.. if u eat once in a while is ok.. but everyday... really gali... So, normally we ask his wife to cook like once in 3 month...