Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sprinkler's Cupcake

I got this Sprinkler's cupcake from Yen.... Yen, thanks a lot!!! At last i have time to try on my new kitchen and new oven!! Well, turn out a bit dry on the cake but the icing is really really nice!!! I am always not good in deco the cake.... ke ke....

KUMAWOR Yenieeeeeee

Da Mammamia

Friday seems to be our day (doreen, maureen and me). We will come out for lunch and go to our facial.... may be we should try to go saloon or massage or swimming or gym ? I always enjoy going with my cuz.... waiting for diana to come back!! Miss you so much... na na!! First time for me to try on this Italian restaurant... Doreen and Maureen love it so much... but for me.... ok la.... u guys know la... "ANG MO" food... he he... but pizza is nice for me!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

SS501 new album Destination

Let me be the one

Love Ya


Crazy 4 U

I really love these song... really feel so "butterfly" when i hear them!!

Credit to Irishclarisse

Sunday, May 09, 2010

Korean BBQ at Home

First time to try on the korean BBQ... why??? If u know me, you will know why!! cos of 501? BINGO!!! Yes!! I just started to learn how to have korean food. Planning to go korean one day!! Honestly, i never know i can be so addicted to this Korean(leader) ^^. Anyway, we had Korean BBQ just now, really thanks baby, doreen and ling for their gift, cos is really useful especially for the korean BBQ!! Should have more photo but because i was busy preparing for the BBQ ... so totally forgot about taking pictures. Really had a wonderful night....

당신을 감사하십시오! 사촌 (Thank You Cuzzzzz)

Home Sweet Home!!

I was busy on moving... yes!! Moving to my own house, didn't update lately because of moving this and moving that... everything is almost done, except MAID!!! I need a MAID badly... once i got my own maid i will really want to start my cooking and baking!! Is a very simple house but for me, simple is the best!!! is really just nice for 2 of us... Hubby done a lot for the house!! Thanks Hubby, i know just by saying thanks is not enough... but i will cook more good food for you.. ok ok? ^^ Another person i want to thanks is my dad (the most important person in my life)!! Really really want to thanks him for everything!! ....Thanks for his support, without him... i really don't know how my life will go on..Thanks DAD!!! He is one of the person i miss so badly after i moved!!! I want to thanks my friends for their gift and my lovely cousin (Maureen, Yue, Ling and Doreen) for they present!! Thanks ..