Sunday, May 09, 2010

Home Sweet Home!!

I was busy on moving... yes!! Moving to my own house, didn't update lately because of moving this and moving that... everything is almost done, except MAID!!! I need a MAID badly... once i got my own maid i will really want to start my cooking and baking!! Is a very simple house but for me, simple is the best!!! is really just nice for 2 of us... Hubby done a lot for the house!! Thanks Hubby, i know just by saying thanks is not enough... but i will cook more good food for you.. ok ok? ^^ Another person i want to thanks is my dad (the most important person in my life)!! Really really want to thanks him for everything!! ....Thanks for his support, without him... i really don't know how my life will go on..Thanks DAD!!! He is one of the person i miss so badly after i moved!!! I want to thanks my friends for their gift and my lovely cousin (Maureen, Yue, Ling and Doreen) for they present!! Thanks ..

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