Wednesday, December 29, 2010

My God Daughter and Jamie

Tiani and Jamie came back for holiday with their ma ma, i invited them to have dinner. Spend time with my god daughter. Her character is totally different from Jamie. She is more sensitive may be like her god mum ㅋㅋㅋ, Jamie very very sweet and she love the food i cooked eventho it doesn't look good.. may be my food really good hor!! Hope to see them soon again!!

Xmas without anna and sara...this year

Before they move out, we used to have our Xmas with Anna and Sara. This year because they moved out so we didn't get the chance to celebrate together. Ursula called me 1 week before xmas and said Auntie Nini we need ur help to take some photo for our xmas card. Sara was having fever at 38 degree and Anna was so grumpy, but after my magic gummy bear come out everything is DONE!!! Honestly, i love both of them so much, anna is very cute but still a bit naughty sometimes, sara can really melt my heart lately!!! Love both of you so much!! Baby Noah on the way.... Can't wait to see u, baby Noah!!!

Thanksgiving 2010

Ohhh.... i totally forgot about Thanksgiving gathering... we had a small gathering with cousins on the Thanksgiving, Our dearest dor dor cook for us!! Really thanks Dor, the turkey really nice!! and of course not only the turkey nice, all the food also nice!!!

Xmas 2010

We had a gathering on Xmas eve, with all the cousins. We did had a great time, is really nice to spend time with our close one together. Cousins for me is like my own brothers and sisters so no matter how tired i am, i still love to spend time and gather with them!! Love you all...

Seoul 2010

Seoul !!! Yes, i went to seoul with hubby, Doreen and 4th Auntie. Really enjoyed the trip with them. Weather is perfect when we were there and even snow a bit on the last day, I was so happy because is the first time i saw snow and in Seoul...

We stayed in Gangnum for 2 nights then we move to MyeongDong for 4 nights. Gangnum, we didn't shop much cos gangnum is a business area and we are not so familiar at all. Actually, Gangnum got a lot of things to see, a lot of cafe around. We didn't know until we met Jina. Jina is a sweet lady that we met. Next trip for sure i will ask her to bring us around ...

MyeongDong, is for young people. A lot of things to see... a lot of things to eat!! MyeongDong is very central too. Is near to anywhere... Namsan Park is also called N Seoul Towel one of my favorite place!! I will go again, imagine when is snowing in seoul, the place will be very beautiful.... then we visited one palace, one temple and one theme park. We did went to Itewon and Apujeong . Of course, we did some shopping in Lotte Department Store.

Honestly, really love seoul... although we miss out Everland and Isadong....but we will be back one day again, then we will go Jeju Island and Busan. See you again Seoul!!!