Friday, April 28, 2006

Vintage Rose Cafe

Vintage Rose Cafe is one of my cousin's cafe located in Kiulap, the block behind Chong Hock Music... First time there.. wowow very very very full .. everything so delicious.. i was there last sunday with my hubby and my brother.. when we went there saw my cousin there and he belanja us his special soup LO SOUN TONG... very very nice ah.. unfortunely is beef.. but i did taste a bit.. hehe.. dont tell my mum ... Rack of Lamb is very nice also... Pasta is nice but a bit hard la.... and of course... my favourite Cream of Mushroom .. Yummy..

Steamboat At home

Dad's birthday and he want Steamboat so just 5 of us having this steamboat and i am so sorry that i forgot about the soup ahh... sighh.. i really feel myself old.. always forgot this one and that one... well.. i just share share with u guys la... we have Yau Tau Fu.. Prawn Stick .. Homemade Fish Ball .. Fish Fillet.. Pork Slice.. Fresh prawn and vege...looks so little but when u put inside.. is a lot.. sedikit sedikit menjadi bukit...and we can't even finish... small family gathering.. very cosy!!

Monday, April 24, 2006

Char Sau Rice and Pan Mee by me

Hello.. i am back.. my mum is away to Hk for Holiday so Kitchen is MINE!! hehe.. I got the Recipe from AMC about the Char Sau.. my Hubby like it alot.. actually is not the first time i cook, several of times i cook already.. but about the Pan Mee.. this is the first time i cook and My dad LOVES it... well.. my dad very fussy with food so when he likes it.. means... it must be very yummy... but i love it too tho...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Rainie 2nd album

Her first album is EXCELLENT... and 2nd album also not bad.. not as good as the first one .. but still worth it to buy... try .. try... Me fall in love with her liaw..

Thursday, April 13, 2006

New Restaurant Charcoal

My Cousin Invite us to this new Restaurant Called Charcoal in Seri, last time used to called Princess Inn.. there... i was late so i manage to take this dishes only... pasta is not very good but the lamb is not bad...