Friday, January 25, 2013

[13012013] Mini Cousin gathering @Singapore

Had a mini gathering in Yiwan's house!! Very nice to catch up with everyone in Singapore!! Now i love to hang out in Yiwan's house, so comfy and relax cos her house is my dream house !!! Balinese Style !! JIANG !!

[12012013] Rainie Yang Concert @Singapore

Really happy that i have a chance to see her concert in Singapore. No regret!! She is excellent !! She actually not feeling well but she tried her best and she did it !! Super worth it to watch !! If i have a chance i will want to go again !! 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[28122012] Olivia and Valerie

At last i got to see them!! My last customer in 2012 ..Look at Olivia expression?? So cute and she can be very fierce also heheehheee but she only bully her mummy hehehee. Valerie is a sweet sweet girl!! Thanks Connie !!

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

[25122012] Xmas day with Chan's family

Invited Chan's family for Xmas lunch, just cooked carbonara for them and had a few photo of them. I found out they really grow so fast !! Guess i am getting old !!!

[23122012] Matthias coming to town !!

Xmas photo for Baby Matthias and also he was 6 months old on that day!! Happy 6th month old, Matthias !! We didn't have a lot of photo as he was quite cranky and only want mummy to carry... 

[21122012] ChernChern and Mummy

At last ChernChern had a proper photo shooting !! Last time he only Longpang !! This time he is on his own photo session. He is as active as usual... but is nice to have him around !! Lia, really really thanks for supporting me starting from the beginning !!! *Muah**Muah*

[05122012] Zoe, Zeke and Danniel

Thanks Heng... for bringing her 3 kids over !! Having a great time with them.... Look at their smile!! Precious Moment!!! Hope to see you guys soon again !!!