Friday, September 19, 2008

Baby Sara

How?? How?? She still look like Anna??? I think she did look a bit like Anna.... i miss them so much, i can't go over because my brother having Chicken Pox.....


One of my favourite.... SPAM, i use to eat the china luncheon meat especially when i cook Maggi Mee or eat with Bread... wowow... BEST MAN!!! But now... China Luncheon Meat got banned. Luckily got SPAM.... i prefer Spam then Tulip .... and we can't find Spam in Brunei, so my kasihan cousin chee hong have to help me to buy .... since is from Singapore so we are allow to eat a tin but lately cannot eat so no choice have to ask my cousin chee hong to help me to buy this from Singapore. Only allow to eat 1 tin a month with family.. Ya, i know is not healthy to eat this... but once a while mah..... 

Moon Cake - Maxim美心 Hongkong

Talking about Maxim, is always my last stop shopping in Hk airport. I normally buy the swiss roll, butter bread, almond biscuit and bring it back to Brunei. This is the first time i tried the Moon Cake, because i never travel hk during summer so i have no chance to buy them... So, this box of Moon Cake is from Aunty Cindy (Elsie's Mum). I always thought the Wing Hwa one is the best but after the Maxim.... now i understand why people in Hk... choose Maxim then Wing Hwa, 1 thing i don't like is.... they only sell with yolk.... and double lagi.....  but is perfect without the yolk.... Thanks.... Aunty Cindy again..... really YUMMY!!!! 

Moon Cake - Inter Continental Sg

I want to thanks my cousin, chee hong who bought me this Moon Cake. I was told that is really nice so... i force him to help me to buy... and end up is a gift from him... hahahaa... Moon Cake is a bit dry... but.... i like it because is not so sweet and got no yolk... Thanks Hong...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Best Breakfast in Town - CountryPatch Cafe

Normally you only can get this type of breakfast in Sheraton Hotel or Empire Hotel, but now you can get it in CountryPatch in Kiulap... same block with Twelve Cafe... Is really nice with the price of $5, you can choose... 4 item from the menu... Egg ( like hard boiled, fried egg, scramble egg and etc) , Baked Beans, Pancake and lots more... with the healthy WholeMeal Bread.... if you go early morning before 11am... u get a free cup of coffee and tea. Highly Recomended.... !!!!