Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Big Cousin Brother Bday

Been so long we didn't have a family gathering until our big cousin brother who came back from Auckland to celebrate his Bday and Xmas together with us....

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tandoor Formerly Known as Tenaga Restaurant

An Authentic North Indian Cuisine, is Formerly Known as Tenaga Restaurant in Gadong and now in Unit No 3 & 4, First Floor Jalan Pasar Baharu, Kg Kiarong . May be you guys will think this nini go to eat indian food??? Ya lor, open up the Menu.. dont even understand like... what Masala... what Mahtikar... and bla bla bla... but Bernie like indian food so much...what to do? no choice lor.. but the indian food here is not bad.. at least after u eat you dont feel gali.. not like popular in seri.. i dont know why i feel gali after eating...but of course the price in Tandoor is so much different then Popular... but... Quality is really there... in Tandoor... Now with SCB Platinum card u got 30% off... until end of Dec... u guys can try... i love the Eggplant Masala and the Mango Lassi.... and of course the famous Nan... Enjoy ya..!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Season Greeting HK 2007

Season Greeting in Hk is so different from Brunei, In Brunei you hardly see huge Xmas tree.. and in Hk... you see xmas decoration and different type of Xmas Tree... This year alot of Purple Tree.. Those picture i took is in SoGo, Winsor Place, Sha Tin and Time Square and those places i never miss when i am in hk...

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Gondola @ Venetian Macau

The Gondola is very expensive hk$100 per person and we have 3 person, with the professional picture is hk$190 so.... altogether is almost hk$500, but since we there already... so... Cin Chai la.. luckily i got back the hk$500 from the Casino.... haha..

The Venetian Resort Hotel Room

This is the Hotel Room... So comfortable with Free Access of Internet as long as u want.. Syok ler... Althought we didn't have much time in the Room but... the room is really nice and comfortable... My dad said.. next time he want to design his room like this wohh.... hope i get a room like that in the future as well.... hahahaa.... About the last picture, do u guys think i am a Princess from Thailand? Dont know why my dad ask me to Pose that... hahhaaa

The Venetian @ Macau

Very Impress with The Venetian @ Macau , is really big and comfortable.. everything so convenient but one thing they should have is Pharmacy... haha.. U guys know me? Everywhere i go.. i get sick...

Food - Something cannot Miss in Hk

This Trip i didn't eat much cos need to diet before Chinese New Year... So, i didn't eat any Special Meal... just normal Dim Sam and Roast Goose which Brunei dont have...