Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tandoor Formerly Known as Tenaga Restaurant

An Authentic North Indian Cuisine, is Formerly Known as Tenaga Restaurant in Gadong and now in Unit No 3 & 4, First Floor Jalan Pasar Baharu, Kg Kiarong . May be you guys will think this nini go to eat indian food??? Ya lor, open up the Menu.. dont even understand like... what Masala... what Mahtikar... and bla bla bla... but Bernie like indian food so much...what to do? no choice lor.. but the indian food here is not bad.. at least after u eat you dont feel gali.. not like popular in seri.. i dont know why i feel gali after eating...but of course the price in Tandoor is so much different then Popular... but... Quality is really there... in Tandoor... Now with SCB Platinum card u got 30% off... until end of Dec... u guys can try... i love the Eggplant Masala and the Mango Lassi.... and of course the famous Nan... Enjoy ya..!!!!


Rabbit Sim said...

Hehe this is the Indian Restaurant I frequent in Brunei. Love the garlic naan, gobi (cauliflower) manchurian, butter chicken, special fish (spicy), chicken biryani and teh tarik (best)! Oh must not forget the palak (spinach)!

sieyee said...

Rabbit... is it? i will try the Palak next time i go... haha..