Wednesday, December 23, 2009

DisneySea Tokyo 2009

Last day in Tokyo, we are thinking if we should go Tokyo Dome or DisneySea. But since i am a Big Fan of Disney. So, we decided to go DisneySea. And since only tokyo got DisneySea soooo... have to go and have look. Hmm... DisneySea so so nia ler.... not as much as Disneyland. Anyway, if next when we go again... i want to stay there 1 night and go to both Disney!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Odaiba Tokyo 2009

One of my favorite place... Unfortunely, it was raining if not then this place is soooo beautiful with the rainbow bridge ... I love the bridge. It was about 15C when i was there. Love the weather soooo cold.... sooooo syok!!!

Shibuya Tokyo 2009

We went to Shibuya to jalan-jalan and we had dinner there. Shibuya is a place for young people and a lot of shopping mall also..Nothing much for me... honestly but food is NICE!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

Asakusa 2009

Asakusa...... a very famous temple in Tokyo!! Just remember to eat the Ice-cream and the red bean thing.. sorry i dont know what is it called but have to eat!!!

Puroland Tokyo 2009

Hmm....A wrong place to go... Puroland is really a place for kids, not like Disneyland at all. For those who bring kids... then should go... Like us... CANNOT GO!!! very boring!! ^^

Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

Fish Market????? Eeeeerrrr.. i hate fish market ... smelly mahh... My cousins said... u have to go .. u have to go.... the seafood very fresh!! Sooooo....gooooo lor.... Honestly, food very fresh but price also very expensive!!!!!!!! and i dont eat Sashimi..... So ... for me... go 1 time enough!! ha ha

MotorShow Tokyo 2009

One of the reason to be in Tokyo is the Motor Show. I plan this because hubby's bday was around the corner. So, try to make him a bit happy... but dont know if he enjoy the show because everyone said we went to the wrong motorshow cos Japan's economy was a bit down so they cut cost and bla bla bla..... Anyway, TOKYO....HERE I AM!!!!

Kyoto 2009

Kyoto was our next station after Osaka. I really like Kyoto and feel so regret that i only stay 1 night there. City is so nice and quiet .... I will be back Kyoto!! My cousin Eric was complaining that why i took so long to update my blog. Honestly, my mood been down for the pass 2 week and even now... really got no mood to do anything. My mind is being so UNBALANCE !! I think i should go to Meditation... Bi... u think i can??