Friday, February 25, 2011

Baby Noah

Welcome Baby Noah..... Congrat's to Peter and Ursula for their third baby "Noah". For me, he looks totally like Sara... what u guys think???

Yeu & Maureen ROM

All the best to Yeu & Maureen, wish them all the best!! I am really not good in express my feeling but when they exchange their ring and kiss each other... i really feel so emotional that i wanted to cry but luckily i am one of the photographer so i can use my camera to cover my face.. kkkkk

Bi, now you are married but remember when you need me, i am always here ya... my phone is 24/7 from monday to sunday for you!!! ok. Yeu, please take care of my sister ya. I believe in you!!! Aja Aja Fighting!!!

My Princess (k-drama)

Another nice drama to watch, for those who like romantic series.... this is the one u looking at!!! I really like this couple... they are so sweet ler!!! Highly recommend!! I think Song Seung Hun is soooooooooo ..... sooooooooo 有型!!! Pali Pali... go to download and watch!!

Chinese New Year 2011

This year Chinese New Year, i didn't take a lot of photo... why? Lazy lor!! hehehee.. honestly, feel so old this year... too lazy to carry my camera around. But i have a few of group photo to share. Enjoy!!!