Monday, April 28, 2008

Lucky Restaurant

Guys, remember waking up early in the morning at 6.30am to go Lucky for Dim Sam?? I really miss that time, really!! Wish we can do it again, Yen your favourite chicken feet? I remember, everyone have to wake up at 6am and reach lucky at 6.30am to eat... after we finish we scolded each other HUNGRY GHOST, wake up so early just to have this Dim Sam, after finish everyone go back to sleep.. funny.... Anyway, here is some dim sam i took this morning when my staff ta pau for me. GUYS, miss you all so much... when can we have this gathering again, when everyone back in town i am going to organize one time 6.30am DIM SAM again, ok? anyone interested called me... hahhaha

Monday, April 21, 2008


Haven't go to see movie for so long. The last movie i watched was CJ7, don't like CJ7 other then funny nothing else. This movie Forbidden Kingdom is really nice, I like the story a lot. Cannot miss out, ya!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Dinner @ Labuan

Every year when Ching Ming come, we will organize a trip to labuan to pray for my Great Grandpa, at the same time we ask most of the 3 "kong" kaki to join as well, this year we have dinner in a hostel called Pulau Labuan, food is excellent and cheap. After dinner, our gambling session will start until mid night. The next day we will leave Labuan at 4pm.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Easy Layout

An easy and simple LO.

Bangkok Food - Part 6

Japanese Food is Cheap in Bangkok but we dont know where to find, hubby was so hungry after his medical check up so we quickly find one Japanese and eat, very disappointed with this Japanese stall in Siam Paragon. Things are salty and expensive

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bangkok Food - Part 5

This deep fried thing is called "Pa Tong Guo" and in Chinese is "Chay Kueh" . I been searching and searching until the last night i ask the Hotel staff about this and he said.... Aiya... outside the hotel they have it every morning from 6am - 7am. I said.... "HUH" 6am??? so early???? and he said... YA YA... if u really want to eat.. u have to wake up and buy.... So, like me... "Hungry Ghost" i really wake up and buy ha ha, but no regret... really nice. And about the Drink they have this in every station of the BTS. Yum!! with the hot weather... u drink this COLD drink..... BEST MAN!!!! But... at night lau sai... hahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Bangkok Food - Part 4

A very heavy dinner, treat by kwong's friend Tip's bf, really have to thanks her for driving all the way to this riverside for this wonderful dinner. Food is excellent, especially green curry with PORK.... they even have pork in Hotel.... everyday.... Pork Pork Pork.... me really like PIG now... terrible....

Bangkok - Part 3

I didn't manage to take any photo in MBK shopping mall and Sim Square because i was too hot, almost pengsan, i took some new shopping mall and actually there is some more like Siam Discovery and Siam Center, i like Central World a lot because they have my MUJI. What Singapore have, Bangkok also have.... i think next time go Bangkok shopping better. Singapore hotel and food so expensive. May be bring my dad to Bangkok in Dec.. ha ha

Bangkok Food - Part 3

We had dim sam with Roland, Kwong, Kwong's friend called Tip, and her bf... Very nice food they have in the restaurant... especially the "Cheung Fun" recommended by Roland.. inside the Cheung is deep fried Fish Fillet.... i miss that so much...

Bangkok - Divana Spa

After eating in MBK... we start shopping around in Siam Square to look for the Water melon brand that my mum ask me to buy... after walking from Soi 1 - Soi 5, We finally found.... the brand is called SUIKA and not WaterMelon .... my leg was soooo tired !! Luckily we had the Spa appointment after the shopping... Spa treatment cannot miss in bangkok, Divana spa is recomended by my cousin Hong, thanks him for introduce me... we enjoyed so much !! I suppose to take the photo with floral milk bath but there is people around so i dont dare ...

Bangkok Food - Part 2

After the 4 face buddha, We go to MBK for shopping and inside MBK kwong brought us to this restaurant called Black Canyon Coffee, to have one of his favourite Deep Fried Chicken with special sauce ... Hubby had his tom yam soup and i had the fried chicken with tomato fried rice.. Yummy..!! Yummy!!

Bangkok - 4 face Buddha

One of the reason to go bangkok is to pray the 4 face buddha, because i am a Buddisht so is a Must to go for "KONG KONG PAI" to pray and hope my plane SOON SOON... no turbulence., hahhaaaaa.... There is a group of dancer who dance trandition thai dance and sing for the buddha.

Bangkok Food - Part 1

I am so happy that Kwong was with us... I want to thanks him for bringing us around, and without him i also dont know where to go and how to go.. Thanks Kwong !! On the 1st Night, he brought us to Suan Lum Night Bazaar for dinner.... very nice food and very cheap...

Bangkok - Part 2

We Check in to The Westin Grande Sukhumvit, why Westin? because i can collect point and i use my point to get 1 night free. Hotel is connected to the BTS (MRT) station called Asok very convenient, a lot of Ang Mo stay in this hotel with their Thai Gfssssssssssss.... you guys know what i mean la... hahhahaha

Bangkok - Part 1

This is my first time to Bangkok, very excited because everyone said GOOD ! and CHEAP! Why you haven't go meh?? Sound like i am soooooooooooooooo SAKAI... So, with the RBA Free ticket, i decided to go with my hubby to have a short holiday, since we canceled our trip to NZ and AU. On the way, i keep thinking.... how does bangkok look like... when i arrival... when i see the Airport... Woowwoww... new airport... really like SAKAI !!!

Birthday Gift

At last i got this Birthday Gift from my staff and friends, Thanks everyone !! I have a new toys again...