Thursday, April 03, 2008

Bangkok Food - Part 5

This deep fried thing is called "Pa Tong Guo" and in Chinese is "Chay Kueh" . I been searching and searching until the last night i ask the Hotel staff about this and he said.... Aiya... outside the hotel they have it every morning from 6am - 7am. I said.... "HUH" 6am??? so early???? and he said... YA YA... if u really want to eat.. u have to wake up and buy.... So, like me... "Hungry Ghost" i really wake up and buy ha ha, but no regret... really nice. And about the Drink they have this in every station of the BTS. Yum!! with the hot weather... u drink this COLD drink..... BEST MAN!!!! But... at night lau sai... hahahhahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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