Sunday, December 28, 2008


Very disappointed with this Cha Chan Teng, they use to be very good like 10 years ago. I remember at that time our 6th uncle normally bring us for breakfast.. when we go hk with him. Really miss that time.... now.... this Cha Chan Teng really lousy....

Rosedale On the Park - HongKong

Very happy with this hotel althought is very small but we got upgraded to Suits room, even the suits room also small.... but... better then nothing. Why i like this hotel? because... location is good...there is a small wet market that u can buy some fresh veg back before u go airport, why we need to buy fresh veg in hk? Don't ask me, it's run in the family.... hahhahah

Seafood Restaurant

Uncle Sam brought us to this Seafood Restaurant before we left Taipei... hmm... he said this place is very famous with fresh seafood but... i am not a seafood person so... i didn't eat much... but food is good tho... 

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hello Kitty Sweets

Last min visit.... we were running out of time... so, we just pop in quickly to have some cake and took some photo and leave... really fast... i think about 30 mins then we rushed back to Hotel... althought is very rush but no regret because is all worth it la, if u r really a Hello Kitty fans.... 

Din Tai Fung @ Taipei

First time to Din Tai Fung @ Taipei, really different from Sg and KL...  

九斤二日式燒肉 (Japanese BBQ)

One of the Best BBQ i have ate.... especially the soup that they gave... this is all u can eat with NT399 +10%, consider very cheap.... is really nice... u can even have all soft drinks u want... ooh.. miss this place so much.... 

Cacao et chocolat

This shop is just 3 second walk from my hotel.. when my brother saw this shop.. he said, you have to try is really nice, we tried in Sydney and is excellent.... so we went in ... not cheap oh... but the lady boss is very very nice... she introduce us where to get good food... very nice ..

Xi Men Ting

Honestly... Xi Men Ting is not my place la...  i got nothing to buy and eat here... but my dad said he wants to come and see cos 34 years ago, he stayed in 1 of the hotel here with my mum. Their honeymood trip... haha... he said.. totally change woh.. now all the youngster place now. People said the "ah Chung" photo no 3 very nice.... but for me is... YUCK!! GALI!! eeeee... don't like it at all.. eeee... when i think of it... i feel so gali... for those people who didn't eat Spare Part (pork intestine, liver and etc) don't waste ur money to buy... 

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

忠烈祠 (National Taiwan Democracy Memorial Hall)

On the way back from National Palace Museum, we drop by to this memorial hall, this memorial hall is home to several classical Chinese buildings, including the stately memorial itself as well as the National Concert Hall and National Theater. Another highlight is the hourly honor guard display.

故宮晶華 part 2

Here are more food we took in Regent ... 

故宮晶華 part 1

After the museum, we went to this nearby restaurant for dim sam... for me, i like my mum's vegetarian noodles... very very nice... the rest.... ok la