Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Venetian Resort Hotel Room

This is the Hotel Room... So comfortable with Free Access of Internet as long as u want.. Syok ler... Althought we didn't have much time in the Room but... the room is really nice and comfortable... My dad said.. next time he want to design his room like this wohh.... hope i get a room like that in the future as well.... hahahaa.... About the last picture, do u guys think i am a Princess from Thailand? Dont know why my dad ask me to Pose that... hahhaaa

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Timeless Confection said...

i sooo love your blog!!!!!
i'm your newest follower!
i also love the gondola ride at the venetian.
too bad we didn't stay at the venetian hotel.
i love your photos!
more power!
best regards,