Friday, September 19, 2008

Moon Cake - Maxim美心 Hongkong

Talking about Maxim, is always my last stop shopping in Hk airport. I normally buy the swiss roll, butter bread, almond biscuit and bring it back to Brunei. This is the first time i tried the Moon Cake, because i never travel hk during summer so i have no chance to buy them... So, this box of Moon Cake is from Aunty Cindy (Elsie's Mum). I always thought the Wing Hwa one is the best but after the Maxim.... now i understand why people in Hk... choose Maxim then Wing Hwa, 1 thing i don't like is.... they only sell with yolk.... and double lagi.....  but is perfect without the yolk.... Thanks.... Aunty Cindy again..... really YUMMY!!!! 

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