Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Chu Cheong Fan

This is for Maureen, she said she took the Chu Cheong Fan in jalan petaling 10 years ago. I also dont know where the shop is.. so when everything i visit hawker stall in KL.. i order this Chu Cheong Fan.. i think of her... so this picture is for her..


Maureen said...

yeahhh thanks alot ni....... i am really very happy to taste it again after so long that i have missed. Though its abit different but its really nice! even my mom said its really nice! Keep asking if we did finished those that u bought for us! thank you so much !

sieyee said...

Huh? ur mum like it also? i think she like the cheung fan only not my sauce.. ehehe... actually the sauce i just HAM TAM one.. hahaha.. ok la.. next time i go back.. i buy back for her..