Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Anna is BACK !!!

Anna is finally back from Germany, when i see her...i said anna come give me a big hug and she walked towards me and hug me then she said  Aunty Nini.. #$%*&*%$# (all is german that she speak to me) then i said... HUH??? Aunty Nini don't understand then she gave me a big Smile but i am happy that she still remember me. So, from that day she came back i have to learn German because she keep talking german to me like Anna LAUFEN(walk), Anna AUCH(also), Anna HEIM(back home) and many more. So, i also learn when she did something good and i need to say Anna GUT GE MACHT (well done) and i always said KOMM HER (come here). She will take her sweet time to walk towards you, isn't she cute? She is also my model but now she refused to look at the camera, it depend on her mood. 

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