Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bu Bu Cha Cha

I went to my Big Aunty House... so lucky that she was cooking one of my favourite dessert Bu Bu Cha Cha.. she used sweet potatoes, yam, coconut milk and the red red one is something QQ, i dont know how to said that thing but i know is corn flour with hot water.... very very nice ah.. the best in the world..

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Jessny said...

hey, friend,
my name is jessny ,
i wanna try to cook bu bu cha cha,
but i cannot get the good recipi,
can u teach me how to cook??by step by step...??
the picture showing that, the bu bu cha cha very sweet and nice to eat..
bu bu cha cha also one of my favorate, n i almost 10 years no eat already...i miss bu bu cha cha very much...haha
i hope u can share the recipi with me...
thanks u alot..