Thursday, September 20, 2007

Princess Anna @ Damuan

My Neighbour Princess Anna ask me to go to Tasek Damuan with her, so i follow her lor.. so i can try out my new camera also.. I miss her so much when she went back Germany for 2 month. What you guys think of her and my latest camera? She is sooooo cute... hor


Rabbit Sim said...

Ni, camera is very good. But remember to adjust white balance and ISO when not under broad daylight.
How much is the camera? I wan to buy one but don't wan the heavy DSLR, G7 size looks good.

sieyee said...

Rabbit, You mean not enough bright ah? i am very lousy in using the camera, need to study more but malas.. the camera quite heavy tho.. and is not thin.. is quite big... that's why i dont like, but the reason is excellent..