Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kenwood Major

I was shopping with my dad in the Electrical Department and saw this Kenwood Major, he asked me.. this one good ah?? I said Of Course good la... "Kenwood" woh.. our furniture company is name Kenwood Furniture Tra Co .. ahhaa.. then he said... buy la.. since mum spoiled your kitchen aid... wowow.. me faster grab .. hahaha... a new toys for me.. and also i will start baking since i have new things to play with. Anyone who is interested to know about this MAJOR. You guys can go to this website, this Major is made in UK. So, must be very TAHAN.


Rabbit Sim said...

Some would say this is better than Kenwood, it always appears on British cookery show and used by the likes of Anthony Worral Thompson (wee-known chef in UK)

Rabbit Sim said...

Sorry typo above should be well-known

sieyee said...

yeah, that is what i heard too..I haven't try yet but try it soon... Cos after CNY, very tired