Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Cousin Gathering Feb 2010

This year we have more cousins back from overseas so is a good time for us to have a cousin gathering. So we gather around again.... our 2 pretty cousin from USA (Doreen and Elaine), our Master of Secret Seven from UK (Jin Yee and Family), One of our Dr cousin (Boon) and our Giat and Smart cousin (Hsii and his wife) from Singapore, Our best and nice cousin (Hong and family), Our "Hong Jie" from Shanghai and of course our big big big cousin brother (Chiat) from New Zealand . And also thanks the local cousin who join the gathering!!! without you all, this gathering won't be so fun!!! Thanks all for attending!! Thanks 8th auntie for her place and thanks all the cousin who bring all the yummy food!! Thanks all the aunties who support us also!!! ^^

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