Wednesday, July 23, 2014

[19072014] Lee Hong Gi Proposal Fan Meeting in Singapore

I have been to a few fan meeting and concert but this is the first time i come across with this Hologram ticket!! At first, i was thinking what is hologram ticket till i pick up at the press conference and found out.. wowow… that is cool !!! 

Fan meeting start at 7pm , with a short video clip then Hong Gi came out singing the song called Still (OST of You're Beautiful), follow by the song called I am saying (OST of The Heirs) .. in between he greet us by saying Hello everyone.. i am Lee Hong Gi…. then start talking about the 2 song… asking him how he find singapore… what he do… what he like… same question as the press conference… then there is a white board with all the fan msg… suppose to be question but end up all are not question… he did feel a bit dissapointed and said…. They are not question!! Shaking his head !! Found him really honest… and natural… love the way he is… after all the question and answer .. he sang the song Memories. Then start choosing his bride of the night after all the game he end up with the song Words i couldn't said that (OST of The Bride of the Century) then the last song he sang Always with you.. 

Honestly, at first i didn't plan to go Singapore to see him as i already went to Hk for his fan meet but after the fan meet, i decided to go Singapore again cos he is too good !! His power voice really melted me !! Love the way he react with his fans !! He is way too cute !!

I am very lucky that i get to see 2 fan meeting of him !! Enjoyed myself so much with good seat and really thanks my friend Catherine for helping me to buy last min … Saranghae Dongseng !!! 

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